Hey From Harrogate

Hi all - Mavic Pro owner from Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Just about to go on holiday so am going to ask for some advice if anybody would care to help out.

Thanks in advance.

Hello and Welcome, it’s a great place for drone advice and banter

As for holiday advice, don’t drink the water. If you’re single always carry a condom, unless you’re married then it’s a bad idea. If you are going abroad they generally drive on the wrong side of the road so be careful when crossing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi, Lee!

Welcome to GADC!

There is a Travel Tips category that has lots of tips and member experiences.

Hopefully there’s something there to help - but, if not, just ask. :+1:

Edit: I see you found it already! :wink:

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Thank you - yep asked the question … (as well as checking out some posts).

Dont want to be the one at the airport holding up the wife while I get strip searched for taking the ‘bloody drone’ :flushed::smiley:


Welcome @conuk35 to the greatest drone forum you are likely to find anywhere.
So, where are you off to on hols?


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well, Spain are very jumpy about drones on beaches,( too my knowledge,) unless you are in the middle of nowhere, but, you are allowed to fly out there !!.
As for packing it, It MUST go in your hand luggage, with you on board the plane.
Each battery MUST be in a fireproof holder (avail off Amazon),


Explosion Proof LiPo Battery Bag for DJI Mavic Pro: Amazon.co.uk: Camera & Photo

CamKix Explosion Proof Battery Bag for DJI Mavic Pro / Platinum - 2 Pack Both explosion proof and fire resistant bags allow you to safely charge up to 4 DJI Mavic Pro / Platinum batteries. Lithium-ion …


with its terminals taped up to prevent a short circuit.
The batteries MUST be discharged to about 20% charge.
The batteries MUST NOT under any account be placed in the hold luggage (CAA Regulations)
I have travelled extensively over the last 4 years with all sorts of drones, and have never been challenged.
BUT, I would contact the airline and clarify there policy on carrying drones aboard their planes.
Also make sure you have PLI Insurance,


FPV UK - Flying Model Aircraft and Drone Membership, Advice & Support

Flying a model aircraft or drone then become a member of FPV UK to get advice, support and £5million public liability insurance covering the UK and Europe

and the rules / drone code for the country in question.
If we can be of any further help, just ask !!

UAV Coach

Drone Laws in Spain | UAV Coach (2018)

Want to learn more about drone laws in Spain? Check out our list of links and regulations for people flying drones in Spain.

As a final thought, I went to Benidorm about 3 years ago, and wish now I had taken my drone, so please do not be deterred with red tape !!

I always pack my drone with my Main Camera gear in my Canon Bag, then put Controller and batteries in your other hand luggage, so as too split them up, so to speak.
Most UK Airports are now use to drones being taken on board planes ,and through security, I have never even been asked “What’s That”
Happy Travelling !!

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Is’nt it funny!, how all “better halves” refer to it as “That Bloody Thing”, or “Oh no he’s got his thing out ,again”
BUT !, when they see the photos ,or video you have taken with it the attitude alters!.
I can only speak from personal experience, as my Wife ,was, very anti-drone.
Now !,
SHE asks me “well are you going to get your drone out, that would make a great video”
Now, I call that PROGRESS !!, to the point that she is now buying me tee shirts ,hats, and every bit of Drone related crap she can think of !!

Hi @conuk35 and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Sound advice from @Paul_M there :rofl:

Ha! My wife says, “Are you off out flying your kite again?” Kite?!?? WTF! :open_mouth:

But funnily enough, it’s caught on and even I call it a kite now!

Anyway, @conuk35, welcome once again, please do share some pics and vids when you get back mate :smiley:

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Mine call it the f*****g helicopter!!!

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Hi. Newby from Boroughbridge. Just wondering if you can recommend any good locations in our area for me to take my first steps. Itching to get out with my new piece of kit once I get rid of the relatives!