Hey from Nottingham 👋

Hey guys, I’m Miles from Nottingham, relatively new the flying drones, I currently have a Mavic 2 Pro, interested in photography. Any ideas where to fly in Nottingham?

Thank you!

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Welcome Miles, I’m in Nottingham too. There are quite a few places if you get out into the sticks.

Get yourself an app called Drone Assist which will help you locate suitable/safe/legal areas to fly and www.dronescene.co.uk is really useful too.

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Thanks guys, I am also nervous to ‘fly aways’ I am thinking about insuring with CoverDrone but they require you to log every flight which is extensive… FlyIcarus site is currently down too.

Can’t wait to practice and shooting some nice scenes!

Well, That’s been down for ages.

I’ve spoke to them, it’s going to back up and running shortly they said. They have changed insurance provider.

Logging flights isn’t too difficult, to be honest, nor heavily time-consuming

Yeah but who wants big brother looking at any minor ‘discrepancy’


Hi year on have you got some good spots for a new Nottingham drone flyer

Hi I’m in Nottingham try Bennerley viaduct near Ilkeston loads of space to practice .