Hey up!

Hi all,

I’m Jim… the username gives that away.

Invited on here by milkmanchris, via HUKD so thank you Chris.

Never flown a drone before, but purchased a Mavic Mini last week and had a few goes either side of the poor weather.

Certainly need plenty of practice to get used to the controls.

Really interested in taking advantage of the photography / videography side of it.

A snap I took, its been edited because I need to learn how to set the exposure correctly.


Welcome to the club Jim, :handshake: I’m sure Chris has said, but this is “theeee” place to be when you need to learn about drones.

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Top notch photo @Jim - welcome to the club :+1:t2:

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Welcome @Jim

Enjoy the place, its very relaxed, any questions fire away ;o)

Congratulations on the mini, I just got mine (on the same HUKD Currys deal), although have been flying 5 or so years.

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Or 8 Jim
Nah then, yor 8 pal?

Welcome to the mad house

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Welcome Jim @Jim
Nice pic👍

Welcome to the club :+1:

Hi Jim, i am new here myself , also new to drones and i have a mavic mini, its a fantastic peace of kit and perfect to learn with and from but the members on this site are truly fantastic and so helpful , i would be no where without the advise and encouragement of the other members, especially one who lives not far from me and has been fantastic. I hope you enjoy the club as much as i do.