Hi all from brum

Hi all new platinum pro pilot


Hi Andy, welcome to GADC

Hi, Andy! Welcome aboard!

Plenty of members with good knowledge who’ll answer any questions you might have.

It’s a long time since I lived in Brum … uni days in '69/'72. :wink:

Welcome @andytw62 :smiley:

Welcome @andytw62

Hello and welcome

Hi Andy.

How long have you had the MPP?

Welcome Andy
How is the platinum? Looked at it when I got the pro but didn’t like the extra pennies


Welcome to the club, am a new member myself, a lot of good guys here, and a lot of good information, enjoy .

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Bout 2 weeks bought off ebay

Bought off ebay guy bought it but never got round to using it so was brand new but better price.
Is great love sports mode.

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