Hi All from Burnley Lancashire

Hi all, new to the site not new to drones been farting about with them for five years, though have had a break for two!!! But now I’m back. Still got my trusty P3s however what’s drawn me back is the new Mavic 2. so we will just have to wait and see lol


Welcome to GADC, Howard!

I think we already have 4 members who have ordered the M2P, so you should get some good info about them very soon.

One has already posted some incredible (quick) pics almost as soon as it arrived yesterday afternoon.

Thanks for the greeting, from what I’ve seen of them, they are something special, and appears to be the obvious route what DJI are going down due to the long list of End of Life products that they have just released!!!

That and I can’t really justifying getting M2P if I’m not getting back up in the air lol.


Welcome Howard it’s a great place to put ya feet up and rest awhile.

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Hi @hipplew and welcome to Grey Arrows from all the way over the other side of Lancs, in Wigan :smiley:

Welcome @hipplew

Welcome Howard
Jeff from sunny Bolton

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Hi @hipplew,
A Big welcome to the friendliest Forum in the UK !.
And, great that you can go to the Ribblesdale Meet ! (jealous, disappointed look!) :grimacing:

It’s only 5 hrs drive Chris show a little backbone :wink:

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