Hi all from exotic Blackpool

Hello everyone, Phil here from Blackpool(yeah I know, heard it all before), originally from London village but they told me move North old man, life is good up norf. Been flying for about 5 years and at present have a Typhoon H 480, Mavic 2 Pro and Mini 2 as well as some FPV drones(that I do not really get on with).
Although I have been flying for a few years still have a lot to learn and hoping to pick up lots of info here.


Same :+1:t2:

Came from London, to Manchester for a while, now over in Wigan.

Welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Hi Philip and welcome to GADC.

Hi Phil, from just up the road in Thornton ( though originally from even further North…Sunderland ) :slight_smile: