Hi all from Glasgow

First off, thanks for a fantastic community and lots of resources - I’ve been avidly reading.

I’m based on the southside of Glasgow and finally got delivery of my Mini 2 yesterday. CAA reg and FPVUK membership done this evening, so I feel like I’m on the way to getting things in the air! I’ve flown fixed wing model aircraft and helicopters for almost 30 years, so I’m not worried there, but am definitely new to quads, so looking forward to learning the ropes!

Hopefully will get to meet up with some people in the near future!


Welcome to GADC Brian :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Hiya Brian :+1:

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Hi Brian and welcome to GADC from a fellow Glaswegian :+1:

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Hi Brian and welcome to GADC.

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Thanks all!

Hello there

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Welcome buddy!

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Hi there, I’m a newbie myself from Stonehouse (just south of Glasgow)
Just got my mini 2. You’ll love it.