Hi all from kettering northants.

Hey everyone. I’m new to fpv. I’m a commercial pilot with over 1000 hours of L.o.s flying. I’ve been practicing on a few sims and I’m currently building a 5" freestyle drone. Just wondering is there any clubs about where I can can get into fpv and some freestyle. Cheers!


Hello All, I’m looking at doing my first fpv flight. I’ve bought a drone and been practicing on a sim.
I’ve always wanted to race fpv but I need way more experience. Is there a club I can join?
I’m not new to drones, I’m a commercial drone pilot. Hold a gvc, a2 and fixed wing. So I can fly all day long in l.o.s just fpv seems way different and so much more difficult with no g.p.s stability :joy:

Welcome mate. There are a few fpv guys dotted around the country. I think you may be near @Fluffy
I am in Coventry and go out regularly with local guys. Your welcome to join us if you don’t mind travelling (we travel too)

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Hi Jonathan - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Welcome Jonathan I’m in the Kettering area too :+1:

Just over an hour from me, there is an fpv racing club near Corby though probably the best option for ya. Believe it’s called laxton fpv racing if you Google it.

Its called Corby Model Flying Club
@Njoro Is a useful contact for the club

@Jonbod, We have our AGM in November if you’d like to pop over and have a look around before then, let me know….:slightly_smiling_face:

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@Steviegeek :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:
In case we get banned from our club :rofl:

Nay, we’ll be alright :+1:

“Hurry up and get banned, we need more drone maniacs”

See you all next week for a visit….:rofl:

Hey! When’s a good time for me to come around to meet everyone and have a look around?

Sorry I missed this, I’ve sent you my mobile number…


I’ve sent you another message, I’m going up to the club at around 12:00ish. It’s the last camping weekend at the field, give me a call right away when you see this….