Hi all from Leeds.

I’ve been flying a mavic mini and mavic air 2 for a few months. Bought the mini first and not long after the air 2, for more challenging conditions. I’ve not got my teeth into making quality videos yet but have spent more time getting used to the features of each. I am looking forward to doing some proper filming shortly.
Calm and clear skies to all.


Hi @Nismo and welcome to GADC.

I’m a Leeds boy myself, although I’ve been living around the Selby area for the last 20 years or so.

Lots of us around the area and in more certain times we often get out to meet, check out and maybe add yourself to the Members Map.

Looking for somewhere to fly, have a look at the very excellent DroneScene, run by GADC it is the best place to look for places to fly, all added by members.

Above all enjoy your stay, they’re not a bad bunch, and the banter is usually flowing.

Many thanks for the reply and advice, milkmanchris. Yes strange times we live in at the moment.

Hi Scotty and welcome to GADC.

Welcome to the group, @Nismo

I spent the majority of my informative years in Pudsey, but after travelling far and wide I moved to Otley 26years ago. You’re in good company with your choice of drones as they are the most popular on this site. I’m the red headed stepchild of the forum as I don’t have any type of Mavic.


Thank you for the welcome SeaHunter.

Hi Nidge, I’m not too far from Pudsey. Used to be my Drinking ground in the 1980’s to early 90’s. Favourite place to rest my motorcycle helmet was the Commercial, when a band was on. Thanks for the welcome.

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Welcome nismo from Blackpool :ok_hand:

The Commercial used to be one of my regulars too in the early 80’s, along with the Royal. I was also a regular in the Blue Pig which was in the middle of nowhere between the boundaries of Pudsey and Bradford.

Now that I’m in Otley, a place that was renowned for having the highest number of pubs per population, I’m now tea total, instead preferring to spend what money I have on lost causes flying things from eBay. It’s a bloody wonder now how I manage to find the door to the outside world with the number of wounded drone carcasses littering every room in my house.


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Thankyou. Some nice stunning spots to film around you.

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Small World. Royal for a game of pool. My dearly departed used to fleece the punters at dominos. Blue pig, loved that pub after a good walk. Then stagger home afterwards.

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