Hi All from Luton

Hi all just joined. First of all, Congrats on a great website. My name is Roy, im from Luton in Bedfordshire and an Engineer by trade, Well into motorcycling and still photography. not long brought my 1st Dji Phantom 3 standard and so looking forward to getting her up in the air and trying some aerial photography. Cheers

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Welcome @Gixer65 I am sure you with find everyone here very friendly and more than helpful should you need any help or advice .

Thank you @HE15RGP being new to flying a drone I think I might be asking a few questions. Thanks again :sunglasses:

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Wotcha Roy! And welcome to the Grey Arrows :smiley:

Cheers! We’re glad you like it! Please feel free to share as many photos and videos as you can in the #media section :+1:

Hopefully you’re far enough away from the airport to not be grounded??

Well, as your nick is @Gixer65 I’m sure you’ll appreciate my K1 pride and joy :motorcycle:

gsxr photo 4

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Hi Rich. Got it in 1. Lol. Got k9 thou. Great pic of yours will sort 1 out of mine. Love all gixer. Only bike to ride… my opinion. Cheers. :sunglasses:

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Yup! Agreed!

I may be just slightly biased though :blush:

@PingSpike. Sorry got carried away about the bikes. I’m right on the edge of the no-fly-zone. But I think there’s plenty to explore north of luton towards Bedford. Hope to get out tomorrow for the 1st time. :sunglasses:

Good luck on the maiden flight there Roy!

Let us know how you get on :smiley:

@PingSpike. Thanks.

You will enjoy your time here I am sure @Gixer65 Its been many years (1978 to 1981) since I used to travel from Black-rod near Chorley to Hoylake on the Wirral on a Suzuki trials bike. Summer days were a Joy and winter days still fill me with fear. But I love life on a Motor Cycle.

Hey, Roy, welcome to GADC. Good to have you with us. As has been said we’re a knowledgeable, friendly group. If you have any questions just ask. Looking forward to seeing some of your aerial offerings.

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Welcome to the forum Gixer from the north east

Hi @Londroner. Many thanks. as a newbe to droning i may have many questions to ask in the future. Tried to get out over the weekend but as usual the weather stopped me. try again next one. cheers. Roy

know what you mean. Summers are great but the winters… well, test your skills. Ive been riding since 75, passed my test 76 and haven’t looked back. i don’t like cars at all even though i have a full licence. only drive if i really have too.