Hi all from Scotland

Hi folks. Newbie from Scotland. I fly racing drones and also have the DJI mavic and Parrot disco.

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Hi mate welcome to the forum.

I’m from Ayrshire, have Mavic and Disco and just recently a racing drone.

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Welcome. I’m another Scot from Aberdeen and have only the Mavic air since March.

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Cheers folks. If you search my name on YouTube I was flying down Ayrshire way a couple of weeks ago.
I’m from Wishaw, near Motherwell.

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Love this one


Cheers mate. Yes me too lol

You got a channel??

Got a couple of videos.

None really with disco yet.

You done any mods to disco yet?

Subbed your channel mate.

Nah no yet. Other than 3d price red fins and a camera protecter. Only had it a few weeks but going to do the battery mod.

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Hi @AGRS1974 and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Are you @callum’s long lost brother?! He has thd exact same combo of drones :open_mouth:

Loved that formation vid too :smiley:

Lol Cheers mate. I have been in to RC for about 15 years.