Hi All. New here, from Rutland

Hi all
Just ordered a dji Mini 2, waiting for delivery (can’t wait !!).
My son has and Mavic Air and he has just ordered a dji FPV. I’ve had a go with his Air only a couple of times as he lives in Spain.
Looking forward to getting my drone and learning how to fly it, sorry probably going to be asking lots of questions.
Take care, Duncan





Hi Duncan and welcome. Ask away -though you may find many things have already been answered. The search tool (magnifying glass by your avatar) is very much your friend!

If you can’t find the answer then do ask first tips for when the drone arrives:

Read the manual

Ask questions here

Subscribe to @ianinlondon 's YouTube channel

Find a big open area when the wind dies down and practice flying. Practice some more.

Ask questions.

Enjoy the learning process!


Welcome Duncan to GADC :slight_smile:

Hi Buddy,


I’m only Corby, when all the crap is over we should meet, i’ll let you have a go of my DJI FPV. lol

loads of help on here fill your boots

Hi Duncan and welcome to GADC.

Thank you all for the welcome.
macspite - I’ll have a good search first, already found lots of useful information looking at recent posts. Thanks for suggestion of Ianinlondon, watch some of his excellent videos today, will look at rest, plenty to learn. Cheers.
Plantman500 - Would be great to meet up when we can. Think the Mini is enough for me at the moment, leave the fpv skills to you lot. Any suggestions of where to fly would be great. I have a place pretty close to me where I can safely practice small flights.
Pleased I found here, looking at the post seems a really helpful and friendly bunch.


Hello, not too far away Wittering, enjoy the mini fella

Hi and welcome, I’m from the Deepings.

Once the weather improves I plan on getting out on the motorbike scouting some good flying locations👍🏼

Hi you two, thanks for the welcome. Seems a few of us from around here.
Don’t know the area around here much as only moved here just over a year ago and just afterwards been told to stay at home all year !! Looking forward to getting to know area and finding places to fly.

Hi Duncan,
Welcome. I am in Stamford, recently got a Mini2.
I have been flying from the Cricket Ground here as it’s outside of the Wittering zone, something you need to check.
Looking forward to venturing further after the end of the month.
Asylum are probably aware, Anglian Water don’t let you fly from their car parks but you can fly from the peninsula. There was a post here a couple of weeks ago.
I have a contact, a farmer with lots of land, who I will be checking with shortly.
Let me know if you would like a meet up.

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Hi Kev
Not far away, I’m Luffenham.
Looked at Wittering zone, I’m just outside. Yes aware Anglian Water rules, didn’t know you can fly from the peninsula.
Lots to learn, been watching loads of youtube videos. Only ordered the Mini2 Friday 6pm, checked dji order tracking (a number of times today !!) it’s “Warehouse Processing”, come on hurry up dji.
Yes would like to meet up when we are allowed ,not long now :grinning: , that would be great.

Hi Duncan,
I think you will find the Mini2 easy to get used to. I must admit I fly on days when wind is very light and I do have previous experience with my Phantom Vision.
I bought the Mini2 because of the new rules.
Be worth you registering with the CAA if you haven’t done so already. The online test is quite straightforward.
FPVUK seem to offer best liability insurance as part of the £20 p.a. membership.
Hope yours arrives soon.
Keep in touch and let me know if you have any questions.
I am hoping to get out to Harringworth Viaduct once restrictions are eased. Should be an interesting location to fly.

Just a thought. What’s the position re flying at North Luffenham? Who controls access to the old base?

Hi Kev
Had DHL text, drone arriving this afternoon - excited haha
Yes registering with CAA today, have been looking at the code. Brought dpi refresh care so yes FPVUK looks good for PL at £20.
I saw Harringworth Viaduct on Drone Scene and thought as soon as I feel confident I fancy doing that.
I’ve only lived in area just over a year (and been locked down for most of it !!) so not very knowledgeable about area. My understanding is the RAF dog unit is still active at North Luffenham with a plan of them to vacate 2022 earliest (I think) and then it being developed with 2,000 houses but needless to say very controversial and a lot against but you probably know all about that.

Nice one, I’m in the same position ordered waiting for it to arrive. We shall have to compare notes, shame we are not a bit closer. Happy flying. Terry

Hi Terry
I ordered mine from DJI on Friday 6pm and received it on the Tuesday, very impressed.
Been out to fly it, really great, think you’ll like it.
Just seen your post, coincidence, I also have flown fixed wing model aircraft (not much) and also have a camper van. I really didn’t get too far with the fixed wing, over the years tried a few times to learn but found having to arrange to meet a trainer at a club flying site then having to wait to fly then hang around until they were free again just too long winded.
Yes shame not closer. Enjoy the Mini, I’m sure you will. Duncan

Great stuff, hope mine arrives as quickly. LIke you the flying at a club was ok as that was all there was at the time. My son who it was really for was quite young and much better at flying than me, he allowed me to make sure all the stuff was in the car, make sure that batteries were charged up to start and fuel the planes etc, always thought I’d make a great ground mechanic! Sounds like the campsites will open next month we are planning to go somewhere in the UK unless by something miraculous happens with France and the rest of Europe. So maybe catch you at a site someplace. Can you Private message on this forum? IF so I’ll drop you a note on where we are heading, we will be heading North. Regards Terry

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