Hi all! New member here in Cornwall

Hi All,

New member here. I have just got myself my first drone… Mavic mini. It has only been out in the garden so far, but weather permitting it will take its first flight over the weekend!

Can someone tell me if I can indeed fly in what I presume is the extension for the runway that passes over Cubert?


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Welcome to GADC.

Apart from around the Airport itself, I have not come across any restrictions in the Pentire area.

Enjoy your flight and just take it slowly.

You can fly there, but because you’re using a DJI drone you’ll have to “unlock” this orange area first.

It’s what DJI call an “Enhanced Warning Zone”:

  • Enhanced Warning Zones
    • In these zones, which are orange, DJI users will be prompted at the time of flight to unlock the zone using the same steps as in an Authorisation Zone.

Further information about these DJI restrictions can be found here: https://dronescene.co.uk/about#DJIGEOZones

To confirm, this only applies to DJI drones. No other drones have these restrictions in place.


Hi Jason - welcome to GADC :+1:

Thanks for the welcome all. So from my understanding, I can fly from pretty much anywhere as long as I avoid the red spots and avoid landing and taking off on National Trust land.

DroneGeek do you have any recommendations around Pentire?

Don’t forget the rest of the Drone Code