Hi All. New member in Cotteridge

Hi All.
I ordered a Mavic Air 2 from DJI but cancelled and got a Mini from Argos because of drone law confusion. After a week of hovering in my flat, watching YouTube drone videos and generally getting disheartened and afraid, I told myself to just get out and fly the darn thing!
I found a nearby open space on the map without a yellow NFZ overlay and and took the Mini up. Wow! Unbelievable! I ws blown away. How could this tiny little thing stay up there in the wind and output such stable video footage? I was hooked.
I then returned the Mini to Argos and bought the air 2. I got my £9 ID and I’m now getting to grips with this wonderful machine.
I took it out yesterday for the first time. .
Had a bit of a scare and thought I’d lost it when I looked up to see some big seagulls in the spot in the distance where it had been hovering! I pressed the return to home button and with a sigh of relief saw my little ‘Spirit of St. Louis’ faithfully flying back towards me.
Anyway I don’t want to drone on ;).
Happy flying everyone.
Stay Safe.


Hi Andrew (@wickett) and welcome to GADC.

Great choice on the Air 2, quite a few of our members are flying them, and shame you swapped it for the Mini, which is very popular too (I have one myself).

Please take a moment to checkout and add yourself to the members map to find other users local to youself.

Dronescene is a great online resource for finding places to fly, log in with your GADC credentials to get started, also don’t forget to add places you’ve found

Enjoy the flying, and please share any photos or video.

I’m sure there’ll someone local to you along very soon to say hi.


Hi, Good to meet you.
I have the Air 2 now. From what I understand I’m ok to fly it until 2023.
The mini was great but I wanted something with a safer connection and wind resistance + follow modes.
I’ll upload some of the videos and put myself on the map


Hi and welcome to the group :+1:

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Actually it’s Cotteridge, Birmingham.

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Hi Mick. Thanks. Good to meet you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the group @wickett :+1:t3:

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Apologies, anything south of Nottingham and I’m screwed. Although I’ve had a few good nights out in Brum City Centre :wink:

Hi Andrew and welcome to GADC,

No worries. Good to know there’s another Cotteridge. I’m near to chocolate factory. Shame we can’t smell it on the air since Craft took over. Been to Notts. Major Oak as a kid.

Hi there Dave. Good to meet you fellow sexagenarian. :blush:

Welcome to GADC mate!

Hi Andrew,

Just wanted to ask you how you found the test/exam for your flyer ID?

I looked at the supporting documentation on the CAA website for the theory test… there’s not much to it as far as I can see…



Hi Ned.
It was easy peasy. You can have the support doc open in another browser window to refer to.

Thanks Andy. Great to be here

Thanks for that! It does look very straighforward!

I was a bit scared but it’s nothing. Believe me :smiley:

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Hi Andrew, just edited your post to remove the answers to the CCA registration test, its not really in the spirit of the thing, and let’s be honest its not that difficult.


Hi, What is the confusion surrounding the rules ?
I have my licence but understand i am due a refund.
I am following the drone code 2019 seems alot of people are not though.

Nice drone also.

Ok I understand