Hi All Wakefield here

Hi all,

Wakefield here, hope we can all gain from each other,



Hi Wakefield, sorry I mean Hi Mal, couldn’t resist.

Lots of good info and good people on this forum.

Pull up a chair whilst the weather is ghastly

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Hello Mal
welcome even though your from Yorkshire…

HI, welcome to the site.

Hi Mate. Pleasure tomeet You. I’m from castleford. Been to wakefield last sunday 7am to fly around that big church in town. Looked amazing. Looking forward to fly with You. Cheers

Welcome Mal…
Anywhere good to fly over your way, happy to travel over from sunny Calderdale…
Look forward to meeting up for a fly round

Home of the Cribs… welcome…

snow and wind spoiling it at the moment.
but few places near me :wink:


Welcome to Grey Arrows @fly360eye :smiley:

This weather is ridiculous at the moment eh?