Hi City Of Salford Here

I had an invite from Ping Spike so here I am My Name Ray and I am awaiting from DJI Store a new DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo at I have been told By DJI.com, I should receive it at the Latest by the 1st of December 2017 but It may be here Before by a few days to a Week. I am retied 62 and a Stroke Surviver( please accept my apology for any typos ).


Welcome aboard… watch loads of youtube Vids it will give you a good insight to setting up… thats what i did…

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Thanks for the Welcome Cobblers
I orderd my Mavic Pro on the 27th of October and have watch about 300 hours of Mavic Pro Videos Tutorials mainly I really am getting very excited about the Aircraft arriving. And now is is nice to be a Member of a UK forum of like Minded British Pilots & Aerial Photographers, Some very local to myself it seems YouTube Is really good though I must say, I have meet a few helpful folk over the Years .

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Welcome from the Midlands

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Thank you for Your Welcome @RaRaRasputin

Woo-hoo! Another north westener :grinning:. Welcome to the forum from a 64 year old here in Bolton. You will love the Mavic and at times hate the damn thing but together they will form a great partnership with you so enjoy it​:ok_hand:.

Keep a look out for a NW members get together.

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Thank you for the Warm Welcome @BCF , Your only 12 moths older than myself Barry and not to far away . I am really quite excited and really looking forward the My Items coming from the DJI Store. I have seen so many tutorials and stunning footage on youtube. I just need it home and in my hands.

I will look out for any meets .

You’re welcome and if you can’t wait to see the Mavic in action before December we could meet up somewhere between us and you could have a go under ‘senior’ supervision :wink:

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Another warm welcome to GADC, @HE15RGP. Very glad you’ve joined our growing little cult of Brit drone worshippers. :wink: You’re about to have your life changed by the arrival of a small bundle of plastic and props. You’ve prepared well, now just enjoy the anticipation - oh, and feel free to ask any questions you like here. We’ve all been where you are at one time or another.

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I did message You @BCF
I tired to post this but the bot told me I had to wait as I posted my first day Limit and I have had to wait for 2 hour before i could post again my apologies Barry I would enjoy meeting I am Sure Sir.

Welcome to GADC

I’m just up the road from you as I live right at the end of the runway next to Manchester airport. Not ideal for flying a drone so I have to venture out to fly her.

I didn’t realise the mavic was still in short supply.

Costco are now selling the fly more combo for a very reasonable £1180 I think it was when I was in there the other day.

Enjoy it when you get it. It’s great fun.

Welcome once again :+1:

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Thank you for the kind welcome @Flyingpigvrs

Yes I ordered the Mavic Pro Platinum Pro Fly more Combo From the DJI Store I placed the order on the 27th of October Knowing it would take 25 working days for it to Ship but I wanted to buy it for the Makers and I add another 16 items and DJI care refresh cover and I thought Its the best place to start my Time with The most stable stunning New Aerial Photography tool at its size, I am just out of Manchester Airport no fly zone, But Am Now using ALTITUDE ANGEL for advice a rules of were to Fly I am not ever going to Fly were I or we are not Allowed Or In a manner that will have me Grounded for Being a Prat. I am looking forward to the Platinum Pro, And I really am, So Pleased that @PingSpike saw me On a USA site and Invited me here . I hope to meet up Mark with us or the local Mavic Pro Grey Arrows Flight Team Members. At A Nort West Meet or individually . I am old and Bold But I am a proud Grey Arrows Drone Club Member Today.

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I would love to Barry :+1:t2:

Hello and welcome, I believe we live quite close to each other. :slight_smile:

Hello Steve
I think we might, I live on Park Road Off Eccles Old Road, Not that I know were you are but by your Stunning Videos I think you must be my side of Lancaster Road, and you own a Mavic Pro I think. I have the Mavuc Pro Patinum Fly More Combo on Order From the DJI store only problem it the 25 days working day after Paying for the Order before its Shipped and I do not Like parting with over £1.800+ and not having the items in my hand for so long. I really like the last 2 Videos You Posted on Grey Arrow drone web site I voted for you fireworks in the Hope You Win the Gold .
Do you think you will Win Steven?

Raymond G Psaila

Thanks for voting :slight_smile: It’s a close call for who will take gold lol. (I’m a little disappointed in my entry was planning it for weeks but it didn’t work out)
I live just behind De la Salle, on one of the avenues off Wilton Rd.
It will be worth the wait for your drone, fantastic piece of kit, I didn’t put mine down in the first two months of owning. I even purchased an Osmo as I was so impressed with the DJI products.

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I would like One Of Those Osmo Units for My iPhone I know there not cheap but like The Mavic In all Form are Stunning Products no wonder they build 70% of the World Drones I think I might be the Same as you but Flying for the First time is on my mind a lot I want to be safe not only learning to Fly But where to Fly That I am Not Going to be Coshed and Robbed Steven. You said in the text you feel a little of at the End I did wonder if the amount of People in the Park might be a bit of a risk ? I feel safe were I live TBH

Welcome to the forum hope you enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you For The Welcome @snowy bless Your avitar took me back to my childhood and all the young ones of today seem to have Tin Tin Hair Cuts … I would just like some Hair. :older_man:

A very warm welcome to Grey Arrows there @HE15RGP :+1:

Sorry for the delay in welcome there Ray, I’ve been with family over the weekend and away from the internet.

Great to have you on board! Looks like you’ve got a bit of time between now and drone-arrival-day to start planning flight locations :smiley:

On my first flight, I went off to somewhere really quiet and secluded at about 6:30am so I wouldn’t be disturbed while I practiced my first few flights - I don’t mind admitting, it took me a few flights before I was brave enough to switch off Beginner Mode :blush: