Hi - Drone Newbie from Buxton

New to drones around Buxton area
Have asked in questions if there are any areas to fly, I gather the peak park aren’t keen

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Welcome to the madhouse!
Seems that almost anywhere that is under the control of a council, national park authority, trust or other government quango is against drone flying. Fortunately that still leaves places where you can get airborne😀

Thanks for your reply.
Is it dronescene that people use?

Welcome And-wan!

Welcome to GADC Andy.


Welcome Andy @Andi-wan

Seems a very interesting group! :+1:

Hey @Andi-wan. Newbie here too, not too far away from you over in Stoke. I was looking into the Peaks as well as felt a little deflated when I found they require permission and it seems they don’t tend to do so. Looks like there may be… work arounds. Will be interesting to see how you get on.

Hi there
Yeah still looking into it as things seems a bit difficult sadly.