Hi everyone - Darlington based

I have been knocking about the Drone forums for a good few years now, and got involved with the Mavic movement about 7 months ago.

Of late I have removed myself from many of the forums as they do not like open discussion regarding modifications, both software and hardware… If they want to stay in the dark ages, then they can count me out.

I have been part of the original movement of guys who blew open the DJI software back in July (4th July), and am heavily present on the various private discussion groups we have where we openly discuss the various tricks to get your Mavic/Spark flying as you intend and not necessarily the way DJI Want.

We have direct contact with the OG (Original Gangsters) who brought us the capability to bypass various DJI elements, and keep well up on what is the latest patches, hacks, tricks, to keep flying without DJI spying on us.

I look forward to chatting to you guys, and hopefully we can get to meet each other at some stage.

Good luck with the new forum, and I look forward to everyone’s views on the various subjects.

I am always open for questions, and happy to help anyone and everyone.


Welcome to the Grey Arrows @d95gas mate :smiley:

Some of them are seriously paranoid about stuff like that. I’ve seen huge threads, tens-of-pages long, built over a period of weeks, removed and destroyed in the blink of an eye on other forums :frowning:

Thankfully, everyone here is pretty open minded so you don’t need to worry about stuff like that :slight_smile:

Have you got a Spark as well? I originally pre-ordered a Spark but while reading reviews and watching YouTube videos for weeks on end while still in the pre-order queue I got seriously cold feet! Cancelled my pre-order on dji.com and bought a Mavic two hours later :rofl: Not looked back since :smiley:

We’ve a handful of members in the north already - regional meet ups coming soon :slight_smile:

On that very subject, if you’d be willing to share an intro on something like rolling back firmware or the advantages to be had in the various versions, I’m sure we’d all be interested!

Welcome once again :slight_smile: