Hi everyone new from near howden area

Just started really on a cheap affordable drone for me. A hubsan h501s x4 air pro. Obviously dont get films like yours and some people say the lose the drones but I’m not sure on all that. I’m enjoying the drone tho all the same. Just need more batteries to fly more :rofl:


Hi @Neil79 Im just the other side of the river to you (between Selby & Goole), know Howden really well, cant beat the Kitchen followed by a Groovy Moo.

Gimme a shout if you ever fancy a meet and natter about flying.

Check my posts or youtube channel for lots of local flying spots

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Hi thanks. Just looked at your drone videos. Really good work. Look great.
Are you allowed to fly near bridges and things. I saw a humber bridge video on here and it was very close or do you have to require a permission.

Hi Neil and welcome to the club, great bunch on here.
I have the MJRC Bugs 4 W so your not alone with a cheap drone.

Welcome Neil you have joined a great group of people enjoy your hobby :ok_hand:

Thank you. It does seem great on here and friendly. I am enjoying using my drone and think I may have got addicted to going out and flying when ever the weather is right. Much to my wifes disgust :joy:. No only joking she’s fine.

That was one of mine, never closer than 50m your honour honest.

:laughing: the video looks great. So do you need additional license or permission to fly like that. It’s just so I know as I get more confidence in flying and want to do things safe. Thank you for your help.

No just the standard registration, there is some creative editing on that to make it look like I was a lot closer than I was ;o)


That’s great thank you. Yes I have the caa registered all safe there.
Thank you for help and advice. Much appreciated.

No worries there are a few of us from the Selby/York/Doncaster area who (pre covid) meet quite often for a fly and breakfast ;o)

Sounds good thank you. Hope everyone is well too.

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Hi Neil and welcome to GADC. I learnt to fly with a Hubsan H501S, great little drone and it has now been pressed into service to teach my grandson.
For extra batteries I use Fytoo 2700 mAh packs.

Not had any problems with them.

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Welcome Neil :wink:

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Hi thank you Joe. I’m after new batteries so that’s great and I’m glad to here you have no trouble with your old hubsan. I really appreciate the advice. Everyone on the site is very helpful. It’s great.

Oh sorry seahunter thank you for the help and joe thanks for the welcome.
Last message was a mix up. Sorry.:grin:

Did not realise you had a tube channel,nice one,subbed :+1: :+1:

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Hi Neil, Im just up the road from you at Barlby. Welcome to the madhouse, you’ll love it.

Hi Neil from one of the old farts !. I may have hair like the silver streak train, but I love my drone flying.
You are in good company on here, great bunch of guys !.
Matron comes around with her PPE (Pissing Pot Equipment) and tucks us all up in bed with the young Nurses, I am quite use to it now though!.

Hi and welcome from York. Enjoy your drone and enjoy the crack in here. A welcoming bunch.
Don’t be afraid to ask. You’ll always get a response from someone.