Hi everyone!

My name is Meidhy, I’m a lucky new owner of a Mavic 2pro, i never use a drone before.

Unfortunately the Uk weather now is not the best so I tried the drone Indoor (Big aircraft Hangar) i know not recommended but just to use the remote see how it moves… just impressed! Waw…

I can’t wait to go outside and learn… I will be in the Caribbean soon. I will try to share with you some huge area.

Thanks for reading me, have fun everyone :smile:

@PingSpike thanks for the invitation


Hello and welcome.
If you need any help then this is the place to be, just ask and someone will be along to answer any questions you might have.
Great first drone by the way.

Thanks and yes I will

Hi Meidhy welcome to the madhouse
Make sure you check that the Caribbean country you are visiting will let you take your drone and fly it too
I am on holiday in January to the Canary Islands and have decided against taking my drone with me

Just a heads up

Anyway welcome and as @MementoMori said if unclear just ask some one will hopefully know the answer


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Thanks mate, I checked and it’s all good :blush:

Hi Meidhy,
Make sure you know how to transport your drone on an aircraft
a guy on youtube called Ikopta has a good video for this.
covering your batteries and carry them in your hand luggage.
Take paperwork to show what your battery type is (and whats allowed to travel - see airport rules) so nobody can refuse you entry with it because it is a certain type battery and they do not know.
Which aircraft hangar did you fly it, I am in the Aerospace industry so I am curious to know.
have fun with the MP2 , and welcome to the forum.

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Hi Meidhy / @FlyNdee97 , and welcome to GADC.

Several other members have the M2P, too - so you’re in good company. There’s also plenty of drone flying experience to draw on if ever you need to ask for help with anything.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members. This is a relatively new feature so not everyone is on there as yet, but I’m sure there are other members in your neck of the woods that will come and say Hi that may also have ideas on locations.

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown that might be of assistance.:

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Thanks mate, yeah I have checked almost the all forum for post about that and also some videos on YouTube… I am ready lol

About the Hangar, sorry can’t tell you exactly which one, just because of policy/privacy of my company…in case. It was in Luton :zipper_mouth_face:
But I did that 5mn then the gps signal and the database figure it out that I was in a airport area and just stop the drone…i was just able to land it! Really good system.

Anyway I will follow your advise about taking some documents with me…never know


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Thanks @OzoneVibe and for the map too, I will definitely use it… when the weather will be better.

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Hi Meidhy

You’re definitely in the right place!.Swapping the UK’s weather for the Caribbean sounds like the perfect plan. :desert_island::flight_departure:

Look forward to seeing some of it right here :grin:



Hi @FlyNdee97 and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:t2:

Is this the same hangar that you park your Bombardier private jet in too by any chance? :wink:

Well, just fire up a new thread if you have any questions, there’s a whole host of knowledgable and friendly people here :smiley:

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:man_shrugging:t5: maybe, maybe no lol

Yes, I will, and thanks again for the invitation :wink:

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Hello and welcome, great first drone choice

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Hello and welcome.

I need to have a word with Santa about MP2.

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