Hi from Ayrshire

Hi everyone, I’m a longtime drone owner, who’s just discovered this site and glad to see its UK based.

Still have my trusty Mavic Pro from 2017 though still not able to resist whatever new tech comes along.

Loving the Mini 2 to just chuck in a pocket when I go.out.


Hi Richie, welcome to GADC :+1:

Hi @RichieM and welcome to GADC.

How did you find us @RichieM ?

And welcome :+1:t2:

Thanks for the welcome. Can’t believe I hadn’t found this site before. Been on Mavic Pilots a fair bit but was googling around looking for info on the Mavic 2 Pro as I’m tempted to upgrade. Have CAA permission so debating whether I need to keep my equipment ‘newer’ so to speak. Mind you have no issues with the Mavic Pro. Apart from one bulged (and binned) battery over the last couple of years.

Hi @RichieM - Welcome to GADC :slight_smile: