Hi from Basingstoke

Hi All

Great Forum! I’m new to the scene, although not to RC and have flown smaller drones etc. I have a Mavic Air - well technically I will on Friday (birthday) and my wife won’t let me even look at it until then - veeerrryy frustrating! It’s given me time to do a massive amount of research though…

I wondered if I could ask a couple of q’s?

  1. I have an old military base nearby that these days is used for private security training and some reserve forces activity - they also filmed Scrap Heap Challenge in there. It’s got some beautiful terrain which id like to get some shots of. It doesn’t show as a no go or restricted zone on Altitude Angel or Drone Assist so does this mean it’s not restricted and therefore ok to fly over (line of sight of course).

  2. Re goggles they look like a great bit of kit. Do many use them and do they help with filming etc? What are the pros and cons outside of requiring a spotter?

Many thanks All!

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Welcome to GADC

Lots of friendly and knowledgable folks on here.

I can try to answer your first question.

As long as you are taking off / landing on public land and there are no other aircraft about and no people on the base when you go flying, I would go for it personally.

Alas I don’t own nor have I used the Goggles. Being a spectacle wearer, it is quite a hinderance for me to try these things. Also having a spotter is another drawback as you have said.

Hi @Blainey and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Congrats on the birthday pressie too, excellent choice!!

As per @RaRaRasputin I’d get out there too, don’t sweat it :+1: Perhaps also check the DJI NFZ map first too, just in case… you can do this from within the GO4 app or at https://www.dji.com/flysafe/geo-system/unlock

There are a good few goggles owners here, and some Moverio owners too.

Loving the Shelby Cobra mate :heart_eyes:

You can get lens inserts (I forget the proper name for them)

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Thanks guys.

@pingspike yes was a beast - alas kids have meant moving her on but 500bhp and the same ft lbs torque in a 900kg car made for…er exciting times (she’d spin up in 4th from stationary) :grinning:.

On another note do you guys know if a 10k mah power pack will charge up MA batteries or if not what are the in car charging options? I note the DJI MP in car charger is about £50 although an MA version doesn’t seem to be available yet?



Ha! brilliant :smiley:

I love my GSXR for the exact same reason :wink:

So a heads up re genuine DJI car chargers, they all require the engine to be running, as in, +13v before they’ll even power up :cry:

Third party eBay ones don’t… go figure!

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Love the GXSR - beast mode😉 which one do you have? image

My true Brit Daytona :wink:

Another Daytona! What are the odds! @Renni-Aire has one too :smiley:

Check out the bikers thread :+1:

Hi Blainey,

Welcome, great to meet you! Guess what, I live in Heckfield, 6 miles north of Basingstoke. I fly RC Helis, an AR Parrot drone and a Fossil Stuff Gravity 250 FPV racing drone with Fat Shark goggles which I am learning to do battle with! Where do you fly? Fancy meeting up for a beer some time? I didn’t know that there are droners in the area!

Hi @Derekprior and welcome to you too!! :smiley:

Small world eh? :+1:

Hi Derek

I’m in Bramley so not far off. Just finished a hectic but fun filled 40th birthday weekend. Got my MA Friday so have flown 5 or 6 times and it is brilliant! YouTube doesn’t do justice to how small it is. Having a couple of weeks knowing it was coming and being able to research literally everything has really helped.

So far I’ve only flown locally but there are the Roman ruins at Silchester which I fancy getting some footage of.

Next issue is that my iMac isn’t running fast enough for Final Cut Pro so maybe an upgrade coming there too!



Belated happy birthday mate :birthday:

Try shooting in 2k res, might be easier to edit for now?

Good idea I’ll try that thanks!