Hi from Blackpool Area

Hi I have had my Mavic Pro 1 for about two years now, had a Phantom 2 Vision and a Phantom 4K, so not new to drones.
I have flown in some local areas but would prefer meeting up with like minded flyers in and around the fylde.


Welcome, there are quite a few of us around this area . I’m in Morecambe. We have had a meet up in the past and you will be welcome at the next.

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Hi Mick @Flack and welcome to Grey Arrows from a sunny pissing down with rain Wigan :wave:t2:

Quite a few North West members, check out the members map :slight_smile:



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A big welcome handshake from me down here in the south although I come from up north in Bonny Scotland still part of the British Isles and hoping it will stay that way :pray::ok_hand:


Welcome :wave: Mick @Flack
Blackpool, brilliant, perfect for a NorthWest meet up.(Piss Up)
Do you offer B&B?


Hi from Plymouth UK! yes Plymouth…HOWEVER,

I am born & bred Fylde (Poulton-Le Fylde) & have family living there including Blackpool & Bilsborrow.

I regularly go up & visit family for long weekends about every couple of months & I always take my M2Z with me as I am still learning.

I had a play last time I was up & went to Cottam Hall playing fields for a bit of time out flying as I recently invested in a smart controller & field monitor which brought that up with me too.
I also went over to visit my brother who doesn’t live that far from Guys Court who has a canal boat so I had an afternoon out on the tow path following their boat.
I’d always be interested in meeting up with fellow droners when I go up as there aren’t a lot of places down here to to fly. We have beautiful Dartmoor but it’s a NFZ!
I enclose a pic looking towards where I was born from Cottam Hall playing fields!!


Garstang Road|690x388

Hello and welcome.

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Hello and welcome

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Hi and welcome from a former student of the Fleetwood Nautical College (87 to 90). I lived in Cleveleys for three years opposite what used to be the Anchorsholme pub.



Hi Rick,

Greetings, I’m also from Poulton on the Breck near Skippool with a Mavic. The pony club field at skippool is a great place to fly with good views over the River Wyre (that is the water not the pub)…

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Hi Meljo.
Go quite regularly to Skippool when weather allows which hasn’t been favourable recently. Gary @Sparky will be coming along now he has a replacement drone and I recover from bronchial infection picked up over Xmas. I/we tend to fly from the side of Wyre Road and the field behind the Yacht Club which has 2 rights of way and is usually deserted except for the occasional passing rambler or dog walker. Didn’t know about the pony club field although I have seen ponys and children in the area so have kept out of the way.


Hi John,

Know it well, round the back of the boat yard and over the style😀…

Sounds super exotic :wink:

Hi Meljo, I’m Gary from Blackpool, hopefully I’m going to the creek tomorrow morning weather permitting with my new drone I’ve only been once with John, what a great place to fly unfortunately my drone came to an unfortunate end…

Hi Gary, Love to, but off to the Lakes first thing (:full_moon_with_face:with no​:dash::pray:) hopefully the weather is good for you to tomorrow…

when are they going to do a drone emoji

“unfortunately my drone came to an unfortunate end…” . :confounded:
never mind I won’t ask

Hi Meljo, have a good trip, sky looks a little dull but I’m itching to give this drone it’s maiden flight, I’ve got 3 batteries ready so fingers crossed I’ll get a good flight.not flown on my own yet so it Will be interesting.

Hi Guys sorry been away since my first post, if anybody is flying in the next few days (weather permitting) and would like a meet up let me know.