Hi from Bolton

Hello everyone from (currently very wet) Bolton.

I’m Barry, a retired police officer, and been into drones since my P2 Vision Plus days and currently fly my Mavic Pro, my two week old Spark and my soon to be sold Inspire 1 Pro. Been a member of the Inspire, Mavic and Spark Pilots forums - now really pleased to join fellow UK pilots.


Welcome…retired you say? I’m in the same trade and am eagerly looking forward to my own retirement in 3.5 yrs.

Happy flying!!!

It’ll fly by - trust me I’m a(n ex) policeman :wink:

Yeah the last 24 have gone fast enough…not long now.

Any idea of post police work you’re considering, if any?

I joined late (27 yrs old), completed my 30, had 18 months off but I felt I was missing something- fortunately I heard of a vacancy for an Associate Lecturer’s position at a local Uni (ex Polytechnic) on their Foundation and Full Honours degree courses in Policing & Criminal Investigation. I was a teacher before I joined GMP and spent 3 years as a divisional training officer so I applied. As it worked out the staff were heavily ex-CID biased and particularly needed a Roads Policing specialist to run a module covering that area - I spent 12 years of my police service as a supervisor on GMP’s RPU so they snatched me up at £40 per hour and ran the module for 3 years.

There’s plenty of opportunity out their for ex cops.

Have a safe final 42 months :+1::+1:


Welcome, again, Barry. Like you I came from the MavicPilots (and latterly SparkPilots) forums, which are fine groups but very international in scope. Hope you’ll enjoy the more ‘Brit-centric’ approach of GADC which really focuses on what a great country we have to fly in.

Welcome from Sunny…lol…Scotland…

Welcome to the Grey Arrows, Barry - glad you could join us :smiley:

As per earlier conversation, we’ll have to organise a meet up when the weather improves!

Worth completing PfCO to grab some first responder related drone pilot opportunities?

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Complete the PfCO? Nah, too old and too expensive - i.e. cost of course, insurance for the flight test, annual insurance, initial fee to the CAA, annual fee to the CAA. At my age I would probably never get those costs back :sob::sob:


Thanks for the very warm welcomes - much appreciated.:+1::+1::+1:

Thanks…I hope they pass quickly…I’m pretty tired after all these years. I’ll be glad to see the end of it. I joined at 16 as a cadet, served for a few years and then rejoined and am now in the autumn years of service. As for afterward…anything as far as possible from police work would be perfect. Stacking compost in B and Q would be amazing.


Welcome and thank you for Your Welcome Sir
I feel much the Same @BCF I love Photography In all Form except Glamor Shot ( Not My Cup of Tea ) and I feel The Mavic Pro is Stunning for all I would like to do, I also Just bought a Sony RX 10 IV as I sold all my Pro Canon Gear that I used to Shoot The Paralympic Games here In Manchester as an Accredited Official Recorder for The IPC https://www.paralympic.org/the-ipc,. After my Stroke I could no longer carry or hold My Canon Body with the lager prime lens on never mind hump it all in and out of the transport. The New Sony DSC RX 10 IV It is one body with a 20mp F2.4 to F.4 24mm to 600mm Carl Ziezz Fixed len that I am able to Hold without much of a Problem . The Mavic Pro Platinum I have on oder is Also a Size I think that will be fine for my needs.

As a long time photographer (both professionally and hobbyist) I fully relate to your problem. I used to lug so much gear around I looked like a pack mule. Then the iPhone came along and it became ,my new camera of choice, now it’s the Mavic Pro - the most exciting new photography platform ever. Can I suggest that if it’s portability you’re after you also look at the DJI Spark? It’s smaller and less feature-rich than the Mavic but it definitely punches above it’s weight and can be carried with you almost anywhere. Think of it as the compact camera to the Mavic’s SLR. I bought one and, together with my Mavic, they form a very versatile combo.

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I will keep it in mind @londoner And thank you for your Kind Words Sir