Hi From Bournemouth

Well ive done all sorts of models over the years but thought it was about time i gave Drones a go. So start to look about to see what i like the look of and a few days later ive got an inspire 1. Took it out somewhere very quiet as didnt want it to be like my first and only go with a helicopter. Well this was easy in Gps mode even my 7yo could take off and land it ok. Then got the sticker machine going and made some nice stickers for it. So what next 3 weeks later we get a brand new Mavic pro combo kit with a 4th battery and big memory card un registered at a excellent price this took a little bit more of getting used to than the inspire but still very easy to fly. Done the Drone course with the police it was quiet interesting and seeing there new 25 grand drone they got nice bit of kit. Then i started to think how i could get out with the inspire not going in the van with the LARGE case and sack truck to carry it around now we have the Lowepro Drone bag for the Inspire so i can take all my kit out on the pushbike or motorbike nice and easy.

So if anybody local would like to go out and play sometime get in touch at the min only been round kingspark


Hello and welcome, I am fairly new here myself.
It sounds like you have the drone disease as well :rofl:
After reading this you have answered my question in your other post.
Are you going to be doing sticker kits, if so what would something for the Inspire cost?

I haven’t thought about doing the kits but it is a possibility thoe as i do have everything here to do it and about 25 different colours vinyl. At the min i only have the outline kit for the inspire 1 but i think i was sent offer the other day to buy the set of DJI drones

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Hi @oi69 and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

The Inspire is a fanatic bit of kit, still crossing my fingers that Amazon might magically have them for sale in their upcoming ‘Prime Day’ :blush:

Hi too from another biker :wink:

Dont start me on Amazon the mrs will go mental if i get an inspire 2 as well hahahaha

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It was for my Inspire 1 I was thinking, what sort of price could it be done for?
I do like the white but after seeing yours I like that as well.

There’s a guy on eBay selling Inspire wraps.

Can’t vouch for the quality personally but he has 100% positive feedback:


If you click through to his shop you’ll see he has all sorts of colours Andy patterns available.

Now I really need an Inspire :blush:

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Thanks Rich :+1:

White is easy to do got loads of white here black and red in 600mm wide rolls loads of other colours but the rolls are only 300mm wide problem is postage when you get over A4 size it gets silly at the post office. When i was doing stickers on ebay they all had to fit in envelopes and that used to cost 40% of what i was charging pluss envelope and time and vinyl. Thats why i just play now kept machine so i can do anything i need and a few people i know locally have a few done. I will cut a set later and put a pic up.

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I meant that I like the white as it is but after seeing yours it looks awesome.
I wouldn’t cover it in white, I did buy another body secondhand from eBay with the intention of spraying it satin anthracite but have decided against it for now.
Out of interest what would a full kit the same colour as yours cost do you think? :thinking:

i dont know if i can get that vinyl after the problem i had with the seller he sent it out all folded up and creased i wouldnt post stickers like that without telling somebody first. I think there was enougth vinyl to do 2 sets but after i had to cut it all up i only managed to get just enough to do mine are you local?

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I remember this guy from one of the groups on Facebook now.
You know what you’ve done now don’t you Rich? :rofl:
I want one even more now but there are so many nice colours to have :thinking::laughing:

No problem, it’s just a thought at the moment, just wondered on the price as well, now Rich posted that link I want one more but I’m undecided on what colour I’d want now :laughing:
Not local, I’m in Cardiff.

if you look at the link it has a colour chart and a list of colours i have on the listing

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Here is a test cut i done playing