Hi from Bristol, Avonmouth

Hi from Bristol, frustrated Inspire 1 flyer , but now looking for new ,post lockdown, flying spots near Bristol.


Welcome … have a look at https://dronescene.co.uk … its the GADC tool for finding good places to fly :+1: :+1: :+1:


Welcome to the club Alistair, have a look at the drone scene link, some fantastic places to fly on there all added by the members on here. :+1:

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Hiya, Did you find anywhere interesting locally?

Legally the Bristol council have 3 sites you can fly at plus the whole down area , hard with people however.
Severn bridges and assorted shoreline places.

Thanks :+1::+1:

Do you ever get near to Severn Beach? I worked there in the late eighties building the chemical site which has now been demolished.

Yes I have but it’s all built up with massive boring industrial warehouses and distributing centres. You can fly off the foreshore or the sea wall but it’s boring to look at. Also with a inspire it’s a bit limiting where I can fly these days.

Give New Passage road, Aust a try​:+1:between the Severn bridges​:wink::sunglasses:

Been closed for months due to earthworks

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Try Whale Wharf Lane. Right by the river and you can fly up to the old bridge