Hi from Caterham, Surrey!

Hi All,

Just signed up from Caterham in Surrey.

I have a Mavic Air 2, and a Mini 2 in transit. Signed up for the A2CofC, which I’ll be getting on with as soon as my new glasses prescription arrives! :joy:

In the meantime, I’m waiting for the weather to improve, and finding somewhere local that I can fly without getting locked up…

All the best,



Hi back and welcome to GADC

Check out our very own DroneScene, loads of member added places to fly and its the only tool you need for pre flight planning

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Woah! DM from one of the self-appointed Drone Police, aggressively telling me not to fly, that there are too many people dying in hospital, and that I’m giving the hobby a bad name!

Luckily, I see that the vast majority of people on here are friendly…


That’s not something we allow here:

This is a ‘No Drone-Police Zone (NDPZ)’

Please report it.


@OzoneVibe is all over it :+1:

First rule of any Forum - READ THE RULES.