Hi from Chorley Lancs and near Milton Keynes

Hi all
Really enjoying the forum, nice to have one UK specific.
I work near Milton Keynes during the week and get home to Chorley at weekend.
I’m the proud owner of a new Mavic Pro
I took it up for the first time last night and really enjoyed it.
Just saying hi and thanks to Spike^ping for the invite.

Does anyone have any places near MK , Dunstable, Bedford or Northampton to take it up.
I flew it around a sports field in beginner mode but now want to go elsewhere more interesting for the next level.

Welcome to the forum.

Can’t beat that feeling on your first flight.

Hopefully someone can offer some suggestions of where to fly.

Rivington thats close to home
then theres always southport
i live in bolton if you want a meet up?

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Cheers Jeff
Love to meet up but very limited for time at weekend.
Will get back to you soon
Thanks for the invite

Hi @SputnikTheAirDog and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

The first time I flew mine, I just stood there with my gob wide open, staring in awe at this magical thing just hovering in the air - I was amazed!!

Paul, check out our map of places to fly, there might be some round MK way:

Thanks Rich
I looked at where to fly and Pitstone Windmill was on the list: superb place to fly
Posted a picture to the daily pic thread

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