Hi from cold North Wales.

Hi all. Thanks for allowing me to join your forum. After years of wanting to fly a drone I have took the plunge and bought a Hubsan Zino pro.

I am lucky enough to live semi rurally and don’t need to worry about neighbours too much, so I have had a few flights so far but I guess it’s now a waiting game until I can get out and do some serious flying, can’t wait.


Hi Keith, yes hopefully it wont be too long until we can all get back out properly. Good to see you here.


Hi Keith and welcome to GADC.

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Welcome, be interested to know how you get on with the Zino. Although I ended up with a Mavic Air 2 and Smart Controller, the Zino 2 was on my list of possibles when deciding what to go for last year.

Keith B

Yes it’s been fine so far. Super easy to fly and the 4K camera looks stunning. Just waiting for the wind to drop before I venture out again though. :wink: