Hi from Cumbria


Hi all, still quite a novice at this, I’ve had my Phantom 3 standard for about 9 months and have really enjoyed using it. Being in the latter years of my existance my coordinations aren’t what they used to be so to get those nice smooth shots I’ve been using Drone Harmony, it’s a great app. The only problem I’ve had with the phantom is it’s portability, so I’ve now got a Mavic air which I can put in my rucksack when walking the fells. Not much chance at the moment with this weather.

Happy flying.


Hi Gary / @Ozzy … (another) welcome to GADC! :+1:

… and thanks for adding yourself to the map!


Hi Gary
Welcome to the mad house
If your unsure on anything just ask plenty of people on here with the air
Nice little kit and as you say more portable than the phantom
Haven’t used drone Harmony but others on have and can help you out



Bit of a newbie myself. It’s hope you’re enjoying the air!

What is Drone harmony?


welcome to GADC - -very cool group!!


Drone Harmony is an android only app to create automated missions, check out their web site or Google play store. I’ve been using it since beta but now have the basic version, lots of different missions created for you once you have input some information.


Have you tried Litchi to give a comparison?


Funny you should ask that as I have just got litchi while it was on offer. Yet to try, but I suppose they both have pros and cons. The main reason for litchi is the PC based mission planning but Drone harmony are working on that.


I looked at Drone Harmony back in May time - but decided Litchi was significantly more useable.
I might re-visit it some time.


looks worth a try -esp if i can get it on my crystal sky –


They have had some issues with CS, not sure if it’s working yet, check their forum there is some threads on CS.


Hello and welcome.