Hi from Ealing, W5, London, looking for people to fly with

Hi, I am looking for people to fly with and places to fly.
I live in Ealing, but I am also in and around Wandsworth kind of area a bit too.
Have car, willing to travel, especially anywhere convenient from the M4.
Am into racer / acro type drones, rather than autopilot / filming type drones.
I currently mainly fly indoor around my flat, but looking to expand my horizons some, though having problems finding appropriate places to fly locally.

I mainly fly a self-built 2.5" (See profile for specs), was thinking of buying something a bit bigger / more powerful, but concerned about the upcoming laws making it all a bit problematic.


Welcome to Grey Arrows @evilC mate :smiley:

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Welcome Clive,
I’m sure you’ll find many like minded people on the forum.

Good luck with, ‘branching out’.

Welcome to the group on nutters :upside_down_face:

Welcome Clive :wave::wave::wave: