Hi from East Cheshire

Hi all - just a quick introduction - I’m very new to flying drones and just got my first one recently. Not had much practice yet apart from an initial 2 hour lesson, but looking for help, guidance and (the all important) possible areas to fly?

Would also be great to meet up with others who would’t mind sharing their knowledge and experience with a total newbie!

Thanks to all!


Hi Mark and welcome to GADC, the best drone forum on the web. Out of interest which drone do you fly?

I got the (over the top for a beginner really) Mavic 2 Pro. Just bought it on the basis of the camera quality as I’d like to get more involved with photography beyond the basic level.


Excellent choice of drone @mandrake

And welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Looking for places to fly?

Check out our other web site:

MP2 is a fantastic piece of kit. Quite a few members on here fly them, so you will be able to tap into the wealth of knowledge they have to get you up and flying with confidence. :smile:

Thanks for the pointer. Is there anywhere particularly good for basic practice flying? I don’t mind travelling within reason.
I was told that footpaths are ok, but finding the ideal location on one is a bit more difficult.

Hi there @mandrake, glad you could join us. Keep your eye on this forum - the guys are always posting up suggestions for ‘meet ups’. Might even see you at one in the future, I’m only over in Halifax.

Hi - thanks for replying. I’ve seen quite a few posts here for sites to fly from, but I never know exactly where to take off and land from in each case (just in case it’s private land or it might otherwise upset someone)? - a beginners dilemma I expect!
Thanks again- and yes may well get to meet up at some point!

Hello and welcome.

Who was your 2 lesson from?

Best bet is a field or park well away from other people.

I went to Phantom Flight School Chester - they were very good!

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I get put off by all the stuff you hear about, how you have to get permission from the landowner etc. etc.
For a beginner who’s already not got much confidence, this kind of makes you more reluctant to go out there. I was told foot paths were ok to use, then that got contradicted somewhere else. I suppose I’m just looking for somewhere to go and practice, (even if its the same place every time initially) hopefully where there are other people flying their drones. It just makes for a more comfortable experience.

I use a large park on the edge of Stretford for practice. It’s against the local council policy but I’m well out of the way and I’ve never been bothered by anyone.

Thanks - I think that’s the issue for me - i get put off by all the scare mongers and it stops you just going out there and having a go!

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Ah yes they are and you got to meet Alan I’m guessing who is great!

Yes - Alan is a very nice guy and a good instructor too!

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Hi Mark,
I’m in Nantwich - I’ll PM you when I get back from holiday.

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I more often than not fly alone with my drone, unless I am in company of maybe one or two other flyers.
I have to agree, you are more likely to have a better experience when among several other flyers, than going it alone.
I have met some great people on here over the last year or so, and it’s great to think that we all enjoy each other’s company.
Here’s to my next meet, with someone out there!.

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I just completed my PfCO with him in July