Hi from East Sussex

Hi All,

a little bit about me…

I started buiding drones around two and half years ago, went from a small 450 qaud upto what was my last home build of a slightly modified Tarot X6 Hexacopter with Dji A2 guts. around a year ago I brought my brothers old Phantom 3 standard and just felt more confident when flying, it gave me far more confidence over all my home builds.

I then went on and brought the Phantom Pro 4 Plus which I absolutely love and more recently I have purchased a Mavic Pro which again im really liking for the ease of portability.

Tunbridge Wells isnt the easiet place to fly, but I spend quite a bit of my time on the coast, Rye, Camber. Its Great during the winter as its nice a quite… (smiley face) my most recent trip, I say recent but it was one early morning in the summer, was to Camber Castle. this is situated inbetween Rye and Winchelsea on the salt marshes and is very peaceful apart from the sheep, but there werent any trouble!

I still get nervious when flying as I think everyone is a hater of drones, but I am always pleasantly surprised when people come up and ask about the drones, especially the older generation. I will post Camber Castle on places worth visiting.

So thats me, I’ve been subscribed for a while and thought it was time to introduce myself, its great see where everyone else flys and great to be part of this amazing hobby.

Cheers Billy


Welcome aboard Billy, you will find this a very friendly and helpful place to hang out.

I’ve been through a similar route, building and flying lots of FPV racing quads and then building a discovery pro clone. I then moved onto Phantoms, Inspire 1 and Inspire 2 and now just fly the Mavic Pro.

Living in the heart of the Fens there are loads of places to fly, but the are all extremely similar and as flat as can be so not the most interesting. I’m also a bit nervous regarding people and their reactions, although am very careful when I fly to ensure I’m not likely to encounter people or at least am flying at a suitable distance away.

Look forward to seeing some of your videos.


Very Interesting Intro Billy and A warm Welcome, I for one will be happy to view your Footage as and when you Post it. :+1:

Hi @billy and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

I’ve only been approached by a few people so far, all curious… I always offer to show them the monitor, they are fascinated by it usually :slight_smile:

Indeed it is!

We’re going to try and organise a few meetups around the country in the spring if you’re up for it?

thanks HE15RGP I will post as soon as i get back tonight.

Hi James,

I feel the same, generally go out nice an early, and try to keep of the beaten track.

cheers Billy

Hi PingSpike,

I totally agree with you, its my own contions that worries more than others, and I’ve had bird watchers ask if you can see the birds on the salt marshes before.

would be great to meet up with like minded folk and chat through all thinks reagarding Drones :grinning:

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Hi and welcome, not been on for a while, or flying for that matter. Gonna try and get out today or tomorrow as weather is quite calm at the mo…
Enjoy yer stay…