Hi from Galston, Scotland


Thank you for the letting me join.
I have a Mavic air that I bought 18 months ago. Although it has not been flown in the past 14 months due to changes in rules and registrations having me a bit confused.

Now that i have better understanding of the rules, I can’t decide to buy the mini 2 or sit the A2 course. Has I do enjoy (sometimes) taking off from my back garden.

Has there been many or any members who have went from a Mavic air to a Mini 2.
When what do they think?.



Welcome Grant - I’m sure you’ll enjoy GADC and will find all the help you need.

I have a Mavic 2 Zoom but recently added a Mavic Mini. Its a great little drone and I really enjoy flying it and probably use it more than the M2Z. My only regret is having the MM1 and not the MM2 with the Occusync transmission system. I don’t think you would be disappointed with the MM2 and I’, sure there’ll be many other that will say the same. One of the main benefits of the MM2 is you can fly it almost anywhere legally and it maintains its “Legacy” status for ever :+1:

I did the A2CofC back in November to get better limits at to where I can fly my M2Z. The course is straight forward and with a little effort anyone should be able to pass the exam. I paid £99 for my course/exam but I’m sure there will be further reductions in price coming soon as the competition increases.

My personal option would be to trade your Mavic Air, get a MM2 and when ready - do the A2CofC too - then you’ve got it all covered.

You can also get reduced restrictions for your MA by joining FPV UK or BMFA - do a search there are a couple of threads which go right into the detail the relaxations membership brings as well as 3rd party liability insurance.

Good luck and stay safe :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thank you for your reply and your information. I will have look into the FPV UK and BMFA as you suggested.

I think the Mini 2 need to become done deal. As I am also have main controller issues with my MA and the DJI assistant 2 update is not working with my drone.

I might need to send this away for repair if I can fix the issue via the updates :cry:.

Pull up a chair and get comfy, then dive in:

Mavic Air 2 or Mavic Mini