Hi from Hampshire

Hello all
First time drone owner, went for an Eachine EX3 and already wishing I had gone for something better!
However, my thoughts were to get used to flying a cheaper drone first and find out I wanted something better rather than spend out on something like Phantom 4 etc and find I had made a mistake!
So just a couple of very short (cold) flights and yes, I want to get a “better” drone with more stable camera.
Cheers for now.


Welcome Paul to GADC :grinning:

You can always upgrade in the future.

At least it is below 250g so you are far less restricted on where you can fly compared to the Phantom 4.

Upgrade will be the plan, EX3 weighs in at over 500gms as I wanted something that may be more stable in the wind. Sunniest day so far so I’ll be out later with it.

Hi Paul and welcome to GADC.

Ah okay, sorry.

Joys of looking it up on t’internet :joy:

No worries! BTW, thanks to you and Seahunter for the welcome!