Hi from Haydock

Hi All!

Found the forum from Ian in London You Tube page. Just got my drone this week an M2P.

Finished all the updates and reading and watching videos.

Bought it as I wanted to add another dimension to my hobby of video and photography as I travel around for work.

Noticed a few members here from the area, so looking for help and guidance and possible areas to fly.



Hi Chris welcome. You will find most of us are mad as shatters, but a friendly group. I’ve got a M2P and zoom great craft.
Find a space and get it up. You will be surprised how easy it is to fly.

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Hi Stevesb,

Thanks for the welcome and advice, and look forward to experiencing the skies soon.

Regards Chris

Welcome - can’t help with locations as I’m in South Wales. But we have a few here should you venture South :slight_smile:

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Where in South Wales?

Where am I - in Bridgend.

Where to fly - loads of places.

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Ahhh ok my grandma lives in llandogo

Nice part of the world and plenty of places nearby to fly a drone. I haven’t ventured to that area yet with my drone. Soon I hope.

Hi Chris,
It is seriously scary flying a drone for the first time!

Have a look on the members map and see who is close by!

Enjoy ‘the misfits forum’!!

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Hi @Chris60 I’m just up the road in Wigan mate :+1:t2:

Welcome. Not far from me just down the Lancs in Swinton.

tnxs for the reply. Have a friend that lives in Billinge nice open spaces. Just a newbie here so any advice greatly received.

Tnxs for replying


I will take your word for it. You are to blame!

Thanks Chris

Hi Chris, The Dream over at St Helens is a nice location for you if you choose a quiet time. It can be windy but your kit should be fine I’m sure.
Happy times.

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Welcome Chris
I used Ian’s video too in order to familiarise my self with my M2P.
Happy flying

Thanks for the advice. It was my aim to do that in the near future.