Hi from Herts

Hi all,

Thanks for adding me to the forum it looks great, I love sorting through the postings soaking up everyones experience.
I have a Mavic Pro which I have been flying since March last year as a hobbyist . I haven’t hand any problems with it other than trouble seeing my iPad screen but I have just bought a CS so that should now be sorted.
I’m no expert with the camera but I am learning, all be it slowly.
I’m in Hemel Hempstead Herts and usually fly locally or in Hatfield.
I have had 1 crash into a tree but escaped with just a new set of props req, the crash was 100% my fault testing out Helix mode but not high enough.
Looking forward to a good read.



Welcome to the forum Paul

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Thanks Callum

Welcome Paul.

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Welcome dude.

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Welcome aboard Paul

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Hi Paul and a belated welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Oh I’ve been there! I used to fly with an iPad Mini 2 and on sunny days it was like staring at a black mirror of myself! I used to have to squint sooo much, it made flying unpleasant :cry:

Opps :blush: Sounds like you got off lucky though, most crashes destroy the gimbal :open_mouth:

Hi Rich, yes mate I was ever so lucky to get away with it, tought me a lesson though . I have a vid of the crash I will post it sometime