Hi from Huddersfield

Hi guys and thanks to Rich for the invitation.

Looking forward to getting started very soon.

Almost purchased an MPP but decided to see what the 18th has in store for us.

In the meantime I’ll continue reading tutorials.

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Can’t go wrong with the Mavic Pro Platinum IMO… Mine has been fantastic so far!

Hi @Yorksnproud and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

If recent DJI announcements are anything to go by, the 18th will only have disappointment in store for us :rofl:

You never know… they may have kept the Mavic Pro 2 as the worlds best secret, but were I a betting man, my money would say there is no MP2 on the 2018 horizon :frowning_face:

I did the same, I watched more YouTube videos than you can shake an antenna at! Great place for advice, some of which you may find conflicting, but it’s all a learning curve eh?

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions here Dave, you’ll find we’re a helpful bunch :+1:

PS. Lots of Yorkshire people here already :smiley:

Hi @Yorksnproud!

Welcome, I’ve flown some great missions in your neck of the woods, lots of unique features around!

Leeds boy here now in residing North/East Yorks border.

Huddesrfield will be a nice easy ‘Mill’ entry for the competition.