Hi from Kent :)

Hello all, just got myself a DJI Mini 2 from Argos yesterday (and then seeing Amazon put it on offer when I got home, always the way!).

Anyway, I got the drone as it seems to be more relaxed around the rules due to being under 250g and was looking for some places to go that’s drone friendly in Kent. I’ve got my Operator ID and Flight ID, looking into insurance options at the minute (not covered under my home insurance!).

I found a place slightly west of Rushenden with what looks like some sunken ships which could be cool and a nice open space for me to learn how to control it! Has anyone been down here?

I’d like to avoid as many angry locals as I can as I can do without the confrontation!

Also nice to see a forum still active and not solely on Facebook!!


Hi mate, welcome from the Black Country.
For insurance there’s a couple of ways to go.
You could insure through companies like Coverdrone(as you fly or yearly, monthly) or you can join one of the other clubs like BMFA or FPVUK, both of which offer insurance as part of the membership. I think the FPV is £5,000,000 insurance, and the BMFA is £25,000,000. The FPVUK membership is about £20, while the BMFA is a lot more at about £38 a year.


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Welcome Ashley to GADC.

Enjoy your Mini 2.

Check out https://dronescene.co.uk/ for areas in your locality.

Isn’t there a WWII so around there which is packed with explosive? I think it moves periodically which causes some concern as if it goes bang it will do so in a very big way… so be careful!!!

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Hi from Sunny Somerset :sun_with_face:, welcome to GADC