Hi from Kent

Thanks for the invite from PingSpike just signed up, good to have a dedicated UK site.

I live in Welling, Kent which is just outside of London. It’s in class d airspace so normally have to travel to fly. I do have Oxleas Woods about a minutes walk from my house but officially not allowed to fly there.

Hopping to find some more places to fly.

Welcome @Creaky :smiley:

Have you nowhere within your class D that is safe for you to fly, without travelling mate?

Hi Creaky, welcome to GADC. Good to have another ‘southerner’ here. :slight_smile:

I’m in Class D airspace as well but still hoping to find somewhere I can fly below the radar. Doh! :smiley:

Oxleas Woods has a large open field area within it, checked with the local council who don’t allow drones flying in any of their parks. Never seen any park staff in there so will take a chance and see what happens.

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Most of manchester is class d airspace but that doesnt mean you cant fly in it. Just be cautious and dont fly above 400ft and youll be fine. And obviously dont fly over really built up areas or buildings.

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I have flown in class d before, just not locally.

Hello & welcome