Hi from Leeds

Hi all,

looking to get into drones, unsure on where to start, posted on the Leeds sub-reddit and I was recommended to come check out and join the forum.

Have been looking at the Ryze Tech / DJI Tello but unsure as the reviews online seem to be mixed. Alternative is to save a little bit longer and look at a mavic mini, but unsure if this is something that would be suitable to a novice.

Unsure where to start, so looking for any advice people may have :slight_smile:



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Hi @BroodingHat and welcome to GADC.

I’m not far away from you out Selby way, but Leeds born, bread and buttered.

I’m sure others will be along soon to offer opinions on the Ryze and Tello. I fly a Mini as well as a Mavic Pro and love it, as do lots of us here.

We have a few members out this way, most are up for meets if you’d like to have a look at something in the flesh

G,day Rob,and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: Great bunch of very informed droners on here,and a bit? (lot of banter)… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: As for the tello,a great little drone for indoor and occasional outdoor flying,no wind!! also it has NO gimbal!!! so really just a fun indoor flyer plus it has brushed motors,whereas the mini and air 2 are brushless with a far longer flight time.
so ideally you will want to start with the mavic mini,which has GPS and a far better camera @ 2.7k with a gimbal
if you can afford it,i would then consider the mavic air 2,which has 4k camera on a 3 axis gimbal and a far superior signal range,but is nearly twice the $ of the mavic mini…just my thoughts,cheers :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Rob and welcome to GADC.

Thanks for the warm welcome @milkmanchris !

Oh nice Selby really isn’t far at all, that would be amazing more just to meet some of you and get to see the stuff working in person.

Yeah, i’m more thinking going for a mavic mini, the more I look at the Ryze.

Hi @FIREFOX thanks for the welcome!

ah ok, a lot of the reviews said something similar for the Tello.

I think for a starter drone i think the mavic mini would be a good shout, then once i get more into it I could look at an upgrade.

I play some softball too, so thinking i might be able to try make some videos of that too which would be an alternative to usual photography / video work they would normally use.

Thanks for the feedback though :smiley:

Hi @SeaHunter , thanks for the welcome.

Hopefully get some great advice, looks to be coming through already!


I’m not too far away, actually in Otley.

The Tello is a fun little drone but I think you may tire of it quite quickly if your main interest is photo and video. The official APP is pretty hopeless instead I would recommend TelloFPV and TelloMe.

TelloFPV offers so much more such as some automated functions like dronie and orbit modes. You can also turn your phone into a FPV headset by using a cheap VR headset. TelloMe allows object tracking.

Where the Tello is different from most budget drones is its programming abilities. Using such APPs as DroneBlocks allows you to create scripts that you can upload to the Tello and then have it fly fully autonomously.

Due to its small size and very light weight outside flights can only be done comfortably in very light breezes. Indoors it’s a lot of fun and if you hit a wall, or a family member, it will disarm and fall to the floor.

I have two of these, a regular Tello and the TelloEdu, the latter allows for more programming options.



Hi @Nidge

Oh nice! I used to drive up there frequently as I think its one of my favourite areas just outside of leeds.

Thanks for the input on the Tello, I would probably be wanting to use this more outdoors, so i am more thinking along the lines towards the Mavic Mini rather than the Tello, but it could be an option for indoor.

Appreciate the info though :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the group, I’m in leeds too born and bred and proud :fist:
Have fun and if you want to meet up i’m sure it can be sorted

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