Hi from Leicestershire

Hi I am new to the Grey Arrows, I recently bought a new mavic pro 2 (upgrade from Phantom 3 Standard which I had for 2 years). I am practising ariel video and photography skills just as a hobby currently but hoping to take it further in the future. I have joined the grey arrows to get info and tips from other drone enthusiasts as well as giving any advice I can to others.

quick question

Anyone have suggestions of good places to fly in Leicestershire area?


Hi @DiamondDragon and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Curious nickname Sam, how did that come about? :thinking:

Check out the Members Map for people nearby, you may be able to get a meet organised.

Also check out our places to fly map at:


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Thanks, will check out the map. About the name it’s just something I came up with a while ago for using on steam which is a gaming platform for pc if you didn’t know, I tend to reuse usernames for multiple things.

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Welcome Sam :wave:

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Hi Sam, a big welcome to the GADC Forum !.
Great choice of drone the MP2, I have had one now for a few months, and keen now the weather is improving to get her airborne once again.
I am hoping in a couple of weeks to get her on the first trip abroad on my cruise to the Med.
With trips to Spain, France, Italy on the cruise,I am anxious to stretch her props.
If you require any advice, we have a great bunch of Guys on here who are eager to answer any questions you may have.

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I think there is a club near syston. Google Leicester drone club. They have Sunday meets. Never been but might at some point.

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Welcome from damp (again) South Wales :slight_smile:

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Welcome from a dry (as always :lying_face::lying_face::lying_face:) South Wales :smiley:

I’m new here too but they’re a great bunch and extremely helpful - I’m sure you’ll enjoy it :+1::+1:

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Hi Sam welcome to the madhouse you have been warned…
As Rich @PingSpike says look in the meet ups section and who is near you in the members maps section we don’t bite by the way


Thanks Chris, hope the weather stays good for your cruise, you should be able to get some great shots over there :grinning:

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Thanks, i’ll check it out :+1::+1:

Welcome to the Madhouse

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Welcome to the forum

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