Hi from London, uk

Just wanted to say hi to all. I have just joined this forum having got my Onyx black Mavic Air a few weeks ago.
I have flown drones before but am noe getting back into it after quite a long absence.

Happy flying to all


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Hi, @jw33679

Welcome to GADC!!

I too flew drones a while back - a Phantom 2, back in the days of using GoPro cameras and no FPV. It ended up sitting on a shelf pretty much unused for a couple of years until I bought the Mavic Pro about 20 months back.
It’s amazing how things have progressed/improved and got smaller at the same time.

Whilst I can never remember who, there are plenty of other members from the London area, too.

Thanks for the warm welcome !!


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Hi @jw33679, welcome to GADC.

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Also make sure to check out or add to the map over at https://dronescene.co.uk.

What type of drones did you fly previously? How are you finding the Air?

Hey Callum,
I have owned various micro quads, a phantom 1, a heavy lift camera platform and a couple of 250 racers, all of which I have now left behind me. Oddly I don’t race nor do aerial photography in any professional sense but I love drone technology and flying.

Now I have just two quads to get me back into the game. A tello for mucking about and my wonderful Mavic Air which was a gift to me from my better half.
Both drones are great in their own way but the MA is my precious hahaha


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Hi JW welcome to the group
if your not sure of anything someone on here will always help also if theres any tips you have pass them on

Same as me mate.

Mavic Air must be a breeze to fly coming from a racing drone. :wink:

I kind of did the opposite. Lol

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Hello and welcome from sunny Wales.

Without doubt, the best colour for the Air :+1:

Welcome to Grey Arrows @jw33679 :smiley:

Hi @jw33679, welcome to GADC. Great to have another Londoner in the club (technically I live outside the city but I claim citizenship by right of birth!). Which part of London are you in and have you found any decent places to fly?

@PingSpike Yup the onyx is a cool colour. Mind you I like the white too and read somewhere that white helps keep the MA cool when flying on hot sunny days.

@everyone Thanks for all the warm welcomes and advice.

Great forum



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Definitely :+1:

Welcome and great to see another MA flyer here

Welcome :sunglasses:

Welcome from not so sunny Egham.

I have to disagree, the white one is better, wasn’t keen on the red though :upside_down_face:

Feeling another poll coming on! :joy:

The thing that put me off the red was the gloss finish.
I am entirely happy with my onyx black but must admit that the white is very cool too and would complement my tello very well


Hello from a fellow Londoner and Air owner, in Ruislip west london.

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Hey Gazzagadget,
Great to welcome another London based Mavic Air owner