Hi from London

Hi there

I am a resident of London and recently acquired a Mavic Pro with the flymore combo (just before the Air was introduced, ofcourse). Desperation to find a legal and non-controversial place to fly the drone brought me to this forum.

I am looking to find places to fly in London, in the UK and internationally, without permits or permissions. I am also hoping to pick up tips on flying and shooting video and still photos.

@ankz hi and welcome to the grey arrows, there is a places to fly section and a whole wealth of information and advise you will be able to find from all of the members on here. Have a good look around and fly safe:grinning:

Hi @ankz and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Check out our map:

Might find somewhere local :+1:

Thanks for the welcome!

Will check out the links. Hope to be airborn, soon!

Hi ankz
what part of london are you?