Hi from Luton Area

Hi there, I live just outside Luton and after spending hours reading through your topics and watching various YouTube videos I couldn’t help myself and ordered the mini 2 fly more combo.

I will be doing both registrations today and im looking at the A2 CofC aswell, the more knowledge the better eh.

Anyway I’m looking forward to getting involved with all this see ya in the air :grin:


Welcome to GADC @Blakey

An excellent choice of drone, you won’t regret it :smiley:


Hi there
Just joined
I’m letchworth so maybe not so far away.
I have just got a mini 2 and I’m very pleased :+1:
All the best Neil

Thats awesome I’m Houghton Regis so not far from there at all.

Looking forward to the weather improving so I can get out.