Hi from Manchester

Hi - joined today and have enjoyed reading some of the posts.
Hoping to take my new phantom 3 out for its first flight tomorrow weather permitting. Exciting!


Welcome aboard, we have a large north west contingent here, I’m in Salford :slight_smile:

Hi Steven thanks for the welcome. Any good places to fly in the area?

Welcome to the forum. Hope you get the weather for your first flight.

Welcome aboard

Hi and welcome to the club. Very good to have you with us. Hope the maiden flight of your Phantom went well. Let us know about it if you get a chance.

I was really pleased with how it went thanks. Have flown cheaper drones before so had a general idea and so it wasn’t long before beginner mode was switched off. Still a bit nerve wracking to see it go further than I’ve previously flown but the return home brought it back nicely and then I chose to manually land when it was overhead. Only had 2 areas that were a challenge. Firstly the video quality was not quite what I’d heard it to be - though it looks like I should have manually changed it to the highest setting rather than the default one and secondly the outside temp was only 2 degrees so after about 10 mins it told me the compass was frozen, so I landed and called it a day. Got some nice footage though and no crashes!

Thanks Callum. Yes the day was pretty much perfect for flying - if a bit on the cold side. Successful first flight though with no major incidents. Unbelievable machine - even though it’s near the bottom of the DJI chain. Glad I got it and maybe one day will try out the even better models DJI have to offer.

Hi there @Kargiman and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Indeed! I’ve got a Mavic Pro and it’s alllll about the settings, both on photos and videos. For a long time I was just happy flying around on ‘Auto’ as the pics and vids looked ‘ok’… but it wasn’t till I started looking at the pics and vids on a large tv (rather than a 7" ipad) that I realised something wasn’t quite right!

It took a lot of time to cure too, and it was a lot of trial and error as there are just so many variables!

But, with the help of pretty much everyone here, I’ve got the settings to the point now where the photos need little post editing, if at all :+1:

Welcome once again and yes, another north west member is always good :wink: