Hi from me! Coventry


Live in Henley Green Coventry.
I have 2 home made drones which still need tuning right. But love learning fpv. When I’m not crashing.


Welcome to GADC, Karl / @notveryprettyboy .

Good to have yet another high-speed fpv flyer as a member. :+1:

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members and you’ll get an idea if there are other members in your neck of the wood.

(Don’t forget to add yourself to that map : Members’ Location Map - A Guide)


Thank you. More of a tentative low speed fpv’er at the mo. Done the map. Guess it has to update or something…


Ummm - strange - should be instantaneous. :thinking:

We’ll look into that.


Welcome to Grey Arrows @notveryprettyboy :smiley:


Great quote :smiley:


You’re on the map, now. :+1:

Not sure what happened there.


Ta. The area search was a bit clunky. Might of been that, or my naff computer. But cheers.


Hello and welcome.


Seems there’s quite a few of us in cov! Where are you flying?

And as a follow up…

Betaflight or kiss?


Hi Karl, welcome to GADC.


Been on woodway walk, wyken, the hawksbury golf course (nice and quiet), sowe common, OLRFC (as I have permission).
I travel with work too so take it with me.
Using inav as still new. Will build a racer when I learn rate properly.
Be great to see racers in action. Where do they all go round here?


Do you use any simulators?

Velocidrone is superb, especially if your goggles have HDMI in.

Definately one of the easiest ways to learn rate mode and you have the bonus of not crashing your own drone every 10 seconds.


Ta. I will try that tonight. I have hdmi in.


What TX do you use?


Ummm… just a flysky. Would like the tarranis as you can flash better software I think? Also cant get rssi in my osd. Tried the mod on the receiver but wasn’t reliable. But its not let me down yet.


You might need a simulator cable then if it’s not got a usb port.

Yeah I couldn’t get rssi on my turnigy evo so moved to taranis.

I think some of the flysky transmitters can get rssi on one of the receiver channels but not sure how reliable it is. I wrecked my first reciver trying to solder a wire from FC to the leg of a transistor.

I don’t really use rssi much, I find my video breaks up well before I’m at risk of a failsafe.


Betaflight 3.5 and up you can use your fc as an interface for sim’s So you don’t need a cable at all


Yeah I have usb. Mine is a i6s which doesn’t have the spare channel for the rssi. Did solder the wire, but it knocked out the tx rssi. So I took it off. Damm components are so tiny, and my eyesight is getting worse!.
I agree though, rssi shouldn’t be a problem with los. Got to watch our backs with the law. They are hungry for examples of bad flying at the moment.


Didn’t know that.

So you connect your quad to PC, open betaflight tab and then your PC detects it as a controller?


Not just that, it’s walking to pick the bloody thing up when you crash it. :rofl:

Close is always better when your learning.