Hi from Middlesbrough

Thanks for the invite.

Mavic Mini owner here, doing my best to fly when I can, following Drone Code to the best of my ability :joy:

I do have a YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/premiump, feel free to take look :+1:



Welcome to GADC, not a bad bunch really :wink:


Spooky! I was just about to say something about Rosebery Topping, and there it is on your channel! (Lived in Guisborough in the 80s).

Welcome and happy flying! :+1:

Hi. Welcome to the club.

hi and welcome to the site, lots of interesting stuff on here with loads of advise and support . enjoy

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Hi Pete and welcome to GADC.

Flying around ICI Wilton at night (if that’s still a going concern these days) would be awesome… and very illegal. I didn’t suggest that. :zipper_mouth_face:

I was chased by the men in black there many many moons ago. I was photographing wild life and they werent to keen on my long lens.
Come to think of it I’ve had a few odd moments when I was seriously into the stills