Hi from North Notts

Just a quick one to say hello and introduce myself, total newbie to the drone world, only got my Mavic Pro last week. To say I’m enjoying it is an understatement as I was kind of expecting it to be a bit of a let down but so far it’s blowing my mind with what it can do.
Other interests are mainly based around two wheels, serious bike addict and love my moto go. Enjoy touring around Europe on the bike and really got the drone to help with cataloging my trips. Also work in the farming sector and who doesn’t enjoy watching big machinery getting chased around fields by drones.
I love my dogs and also tolerate my wife, who totally does not get the drone thing but is just about talking to me again after spending £1000 on one. So thats me, thanks for the invite over from the other site, I hope I enjoy the ride


Hello & welcome, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride and will probably be spending more money on your new addiction.

Welcome to Grey Arrows @Ninjarich1971 :smiley:

Which make me think you’re not an actual ninja and that your username has in fact been named after a certain model of Kawasaki, right? :wink:

You’re not alone in being a two wheeled fan, check out our current bikers thread: https://greyarro.ws/t/bikers/1354

You’re also not alone in being a MotoGP fan! Funnily enough, we’ve a thread on the current 2018 championship on the go too: https://greyarro.ws/t/motogp-2018-kicks-off-this-weekend/1696

Me too - small world eh?

Yeah, tell me about it:


The Mavic Pro is an incredible bit of kit eh?

Hope you enjoy your stay at Grey Arrows mate :+1:

Same for me !

Also same for me ! :grin::rofl:

Ah, you got me with that one. Definitely, my first big road bike was a ZX9 and to this day it’s still the fastest I’ve ever been in a straight line and that’s where the ninja tag comes from. Weirdly I’ve been a Honda man alll my life as a rule Cr 125, 250 and 500 through motox days. Xr 400 and original Africa twin, two dominators and an Slr650 which I still own, two C90s and a fabulous CB1000r in white which everyone knows is the fastest colour and an aprilia rsv1000 and now somehow I’ve sold my soul to the devil and own a BMW GS1200R which I would have died if you had told me a couple of years ago but is quite simply the best bike I’ve ever owned for doing absolutely everything I want it to. Not everyone’s taste I know but ride one and it could cost you a new bike.

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Stick with it, mines just gone from calling it that flying piece of expensive crap to raising an eyebrow whilst trying not to watch footage around home tonight