Hi from North Yorkshire, ;-)

Just found this site via YouTube, Ian from London, looking forward to learning a lot


Hi , welcome to GADC, finding this site is the best thing you’ve done since buying a drone, loads of help and advise here from the extremely friendly members, check for previous topics with the little search icon top right plus there is lots of places listed in Where to fly my drone , if you add yourself to the members map you can see where other local members are. The more you use this site the more benefits you will get from it. It’s a great site and I’m sure you will enjoy being a member here. Have fun and enjoy.


Hi there

Hi @ICHOTT welcome to the forum.

I was at catterick for a few years loved it. :+1:

Hi @ICHOTT Ian, where are you from in this fine county?

I’m down Selby way, and in better tikes we have lots of meets for the Yorkshire contingent, if that’s your thing.

Take a look and maybe add yourself to the members map

Hi @ICHOTT and welcome to GADC.

They even let us Lincolnshire lads join in occasionally. . . . . :laughing:

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On neutral ground ;o)

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